Advanced Planning and Scheduling

What your client wants does not align with keeping production costs as low as possible. Preference will be given to the efficiency of large batches or series as this is more advantageous from a cost perspective and reduces waste. But it makes the process significantly less flexible.

Production challenges

As a result of increased customization there is a greater variety of product variants, products and technologies have shorter lifecycles. The competition on price is increasing and the market demands further reduction in delivery times. In addition, as a producer you also have to deal with customer requests and events occurring in the process that disrupt your planning. Just think of rush orders, changes to existing orders, inadequate stock of raw materials or packaging, delays caused by quality problems, machine stops, or other technical failures. The solution of Actemium to this is Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS). Actemium provides the product R2T .

Are you still working with a planning board? Then you might know that this tool does not take into limited production capacity, the availability of people with specific skills and abilities, or order constraints of machines. Advanced Planning and Scheduling does. It provides a feasible plan based on actual data to the production management of  your company.

What does Advanced Planning and Scheduling?

  • Reduction of stock levels
  • Optimal use of operators, raw materials and machinery
  • Shorter lead-time
  • Increase your Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Faster insight into disturbances in the production process and possible solutions
  • Powerful analysis tool for your logistics and production
  • Very short Return on Investment (ROI – less than 1 year)

Scheduling with planning tool R2T

As a planner you have to predict the future. An impossible task. And yet you try it every day. In theory your prediction is correct but in practice it’s unfortunately often different. Your customer changes his order. Your supplier of raw materials will arrive later than expected. The otherwise reliable production suddenly stops How do you respond? The planning software R2T prevents you from blindness and keeps you in control. R2T gives you real-time insight into your resources and processes. This allows you to organize processes optimally, adjust quickly and effectively, your employees and machines run at full power and your delivery is on time.

R2T helps you to make the right decision

R2T is developed from the perspective of a planner. We do not spend your valuable time with all kinds of mathematical models and algorithms. It is a no-nonsense planning tool supports you to make the right decisions. You can leave all your calculations to R2T with confidence. It lets you instantly see what is possible with current materials, people and machines, and where the bottlenecks are. In addition you‘ll get something very valuable in return: time.

R2T is modular. So you buy what you need only. No more, no less. See what scheduling software Actemium offers.


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