Scheduling Software

Which producer has not the aim to deliver  its customers the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity and at the lowest possible cost? We from Actemium realize that all this is far from easy.

What is scheduling software?

Planning software is created to help with the issue above. This is a software package for detailed scheduling of people, materials and equipment. It consists of the following modules:

Produce smarter with planning software

Our scheduling software R2T not only gives information about the status quo. You can also let the tool calculate how you can produce “smarter”. Based on the available resources (materials, human resources and equipment) you can maximize all production stages with this software to synchronize your entire production process – from raw material to finished product. Without delay and with minimal supplies.

It gives a clear picture of the growth opportunities in your production capacity. The tool shows you how you can do better with your current materials, human resources and equipment . Information is presented through a well-organized gant chart, charts displaying the progress of stock levels and a clear plan of human resources. Simulation and analysis widely support you in decision making. This software is very useful for your sales staff to get information abouit available capacity, opportunities for rush orders and delivery times of current orders. Sales people can make more targeted promises to your customers and “sell yes” when it really is “yes”.

What is the added value of planning software for you?

The key question is: what is the added value of detailed planning for you? 10% more profit? 20% less loss due to failures? This differs from situation to situation. Imagine that everything and everyone is in place on time. No one is waiting on another. All your employees and equipment to do their job and you can adapt to changes immediately. With our software R2T this is within reach. Experience shows that the ROI is often much less than 1 year .

What is the origin of R2T

Care Automatisering, founded in 1996, has developed and successfully implemented the R2T suite in several companies. Since 2011 Care Automatisering and Actemium have established a strong cooperation in order to further secure and expand this success in the future. As an exclusive partner Actemium focuses on selling, implementing and maintaining the R2T suite. But the partnership continues. Based on a joint product roadmap we practice co-development to develop the R2T suite.


Are you curious and do you want to know specifically what it brings you? We from Actemium would like to tell you more about the ins and outs . Quickly contact one of our dedicated employees.